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America: where all options are on the table to tackle Ebola and ISIS but not to tackle heart disease, guns and climate change. 

Watch: Jon Stewart blows Republican hypocrisy wide open

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Fox News Suffers Worst Ratings In Thirteen Years – And That’s Not Their Big Problem ›


Remember it’s an election year; the conservative tbag PACs will start pouring money into FOX and it won’t matter that they suck

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For a little background on Mitch McConnell’s strategy, here’s a New York Times article


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Aasif Mandvi interviews Fox Business commentator, Todd Wilemon.

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This is a real article. Not by the Onion.

Somebody actually said these things and wrote these words.

I…. what.

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These GOP shitbags are fucking evil.

This is real. This is a real senator, with a real idea. This is real. These are the people running our country.

100 bucks this senator couldn’t pass a required set of courses taught in our schools today

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Another Obamacare Success Story That The Republicans Don’t Want You To Hear About

After opposing Obamacare based on lies and misleading statements, the Recchi family of Ohio is…

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Perpetual reblogging

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Younger Viewers Avoid Fox News Like the Plague as Fox's Ratings Drop 30%          ›


Excerpts from article:

Fox News’ attempt to stop the flood of young viewers from fleeing the network failed as FNC lost the most young viewers of any cable news network in 2013.

TVNewser reported on the big drop in young people tuning into Fox News, “Compared to 2012, Fox News was down -5% in total viewers and -19% in the A25-54 demographic in total day. In primetime, the network was down -14% in total viewers and -30% in the demo, the steepest decline among younger viewers of all the cable news networks.”

It isn’t just that younger people aren’t watching. They are flat out rejecting Fox News. Just like the Republican Party, Fox News is aging and fading. Attempts to rebrand are going nowhere, as young news consumers have been turned off by Fox.

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