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i pretend to write sometimes, but not often enough. {Shingeki no Kyojin. The Walking Dead. Homestuck. Free!. Evangelion. Assassin's Creed. Kingdom Hearts. Marvel. Percy Jackson. LGBTQIA+. Feminism. Equality.}

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My what a lovely cerulean lad ive found.

i dont know ok when i read the part where he got disconnected i imagined his helmet getting broken in half then blood then lord english and then jakejohn ok it was all very sudden i’m not sure how to explain how this happened

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airbornranch asked zeborah:

*request-anon de-anoning (wow is that even a word?)* Does JakeJohn with an angsty theme sound like something you could draw sometime? ;w;

MOST DEFINITELY omg i’ve been meaning to draw something like this

i’m not sure how old jake was when he had to burn his grandma but i like (also hate) to think that he’s been really lonely since and when he meets john he’d be worried about him leaving and probably get really worked up about it (and john understands completely)

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teach those rapscallions a lesson

i was supposed to focus on jake’s gloves but it got lost somewhere in the concept

also i learned that you can make asymmetrically-cut gloves sexual without even trying [see also: nightwing; gambit]

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oh my goooodd striderstruck i am so sorry for mixing up your url :(((

i saw you shipped jake/john and

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