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Baked ‘Alaska’ @ Astor room!

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Chocolate Malbec Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting and Fresh Strawberries

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#when subtext becomes text

#I just love the fact that after Dean makes the comment #Cas just intensifies the look #like he could look away #look confsued #but he doesnt #he knows what hes doing #Dean told him to blow him before #this is his way of letting you know #yes Dean I will blow you #I want it #Dean #Give it to me

did he.. wink at him?

I respect your arguments, but this fucking exchange.

THIS. everything about THIS! ^^^

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I won’t be here on Saturday because of classes I’m attending on weekends so I’m putting this in advance.

This coming Saturday, it’s going to be exactly 3 years since my Dad left us after battling with cancer.

It still seems like just yesterday when he was still alive. Can’t believe it’s already 3 years now. It still feels like he’s walking somewhere near the house, looking for clothes to wash, since he doesn’t like dirty clothes to be thrown around. I can still hear his voice telling me to study hard, get a good job and do good to others.

This is pathetic. I know.

I miss him, alright.

I’m gonna stop crying now.

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