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The first time we see the Avatar bend a certain element. (besides the opening sequence)

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toph: “challenge fucking accepted”

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☴ 30 Day Challenge: Favorite Fight- The Last Agni Kai 

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I can’t believe a year ago my purpose in life was hunting you down. And now…

And now we’re friends.

Yeah, we are friends.

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the truth on the Firebendingby ~AireensColor

My father says she was born lucky, He says I was lucky to be born.

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probably one of my favorite lines… feels like after this line a beat should drop and a melancholy edm song should start.  

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gingersalt asked: Eren and Aang 8DDD

Eren Jaeger (Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan)

  • OTP: adsf jlks it’s more recently become Eren/Jean
  • BrOTP: Mikasa/Eren — partners in crime /unpleasant laughter
  • OT3: Eren/Jean/Armin, and I also ship any combination of the three :3
  • NOTP: dead!half!Marco/Eren? C: idk i ship pretty much anything in SnK.

Aang (Avatar: the Last Airbender)

  • OTP: for some reason I’m part of a huge minority for this, but I will fUCKING SHIP ZUKO/AANG UNTIL THE DAY I FUCKIN DIE BECAUSE FUCK THE DAI LI THOSE TWO HAVE CHEMISTRY 
  • BrOTP: Aang/Bumi!!!! BEST FRIENDS 4 LYFE!!!!
  • OT3: um um um iDK?!?!! Azula/Zuko/Aang in that order, with Azula pegging Zuko or something idk if this isn’t that great i just came up with this on the fly ppl
  • NOTP: I literally do not give a shit :B I guess Aang/Momo lmfaoo




remember that time uncle iroh was going to get mugged


and instead iroh had a cup of tea and a chat with the mugger and told him that he believed in him and thought he could become a good masseur



is iroh from canada

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Diaspora, Immigration and Identity in “Avatar: the Last Airbender”


(aka another reason this show is my fave and you should all watch it)

cw: genocide


This post has been marinating for a while now. As a diasporic WOC there are certain themes in AtLA that resonate very strongly with me, and it’s led me to consider how the story and its characters affirm immigrant/diasporic experiences, the inevitable upheavals of imperialism and the kinds of resilience and strength it takes to survive that. So I’m gonna talk about the diasporic/ immigrant narrative thread I find in each character and the Four Nations at large. 

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