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i pretend to write sometimes, but not often enough. {Shingeki no Kyojin. The Walking Dead. Homestuck. Free!. Evangelion. Assassin's Creed. Kingdom Hearts. Marvel. Percy Jackson. LGBTQIA+. Feminism. Equality.}

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sometimes it still gets to him

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(a few of) my favorite sokka lines


  #the best iteration of this character type EVERRRRR

#quoted for truth #characters like #sokka #are so often frustrating because they end up being a nice guy(TM) #or bitter and resentful about their insecurities #while having a huge sense of entitlement #and the most annoying part is that 9 times out of 10 the narrative doesn’t recognize these flaws #and acts like the guy is the epitome of goodness and decency or something #but sokka isn’t like that at all#sure he has his flaws but the writing was always self-aware about those flaws #and sokka himself really WAS a genuinely good guy. brave and honest and loyal and a great friend and brother #ilu sokka (via candyumbrella)

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Nice and pretty Toph Bei Fong from Avatar The Last Airbender by sorel-amy.

Photo by makinavalross.

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watch this sailor katara !!!!!!!

(comic by me)

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This guy gets me.

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You’re just a child!

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I’m not sure if I’d call it finished, but here’s my usual thing: Take idea that’s not mine*, add tattoos.

*For clarity’s sake, the painting is entirely original. The character, obviously, is not.

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