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i pretend to write sometimes, but not often enough. {Shingeki no Kyojin. Kill la Kill. Homestuck. Evangelion. Kingdom Hearts. Teen Wolf. Marvel. PJO. Harry Potter. LGBTQIA+. Feminism. Equality.}

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Boys I Want to See in YA:


(Fems I Want to See in YA)

  • Trans* boys
  • Fat boys
  • Boys who are really bad at like almost everything
  • Not-hot boys. Like just average looking boys.
  • Boys with acne
  • Boys who are love interests and aren’t dark and scary but are, like, normal
  • Nerd boys hell yeah
  • Boys who don’t have a love interest
  • Boys with girl BFFs
  • Ridiculous boys who say and do ridiculous things, for good or for bad
  • Boys who are terrible aND AREN’T FORGIVEN FOR THEIR TERRIBLENESS BY THEIR 1. HOTNESS 2. TRAGIC BACKSTORY. Boys who are just terrible and compelling anyway.
  • Boys who realistically interact with love interests (I can tell you that there are very, very few teen boys who will go out of their way to flirt with you if you are aloof and cold. Or even just not-flirty. The fragility of their male ego doesn’t usually allow for it.)
  • Boys who don’t constantly pursue a fuck
  • Boys who have risen above gender roles and societal expectations for their personality or behavior or whatever
  • Boys who are drowning in gender roles and societal expectations for their personality and behavior or whatever
  • Boys who don’t get the girl
  • Funny, optimistic, good-natured boys (I’m done with snarky sarcastic cynical boys really I am. I’m done with snarky sarcastic cynical anyone really.)
  • Boys who see the stupidity going on around them and don’t participate (but aren’t cynical)

i also want them all to be poc

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otps where the reserved and stoic and usually really reserved guy falls first


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honestly what the hell

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